Schuilenburg Amersfoort


Quality Boost

The redesign of green zone Schuilenburg in Amersfoort stems from the major maintenance and expansion of the A28 motorway. The removal of trees and the installation of a new sound barrier along the highway for Rijkswaterstaat and Amersfoort municipality also creates an opportunity to improve the adjacent greenbelt Schuilenburg. This area is part of the city ecological green structure parallel to the A28 motorway and has great significance for residents and recreational hiking area.

Landscape Integration

OKRA contributed in an open participation process, together with Rijkswaterstaat, the municipality of Amersfoort, the surrounding residents and (green) associations for the redevelopment plan. In the design, the sound barrier is also fitted landscape on the city side and the spatial quality increases along the hiking.

Green Surroundings

The result is a varied green environment, with a variation in open and closed, high and low planting, and wet and dry. The natural character of the green zone is strengthened with the detailed planting plan and with the addition of a large pool. A special part of the project is the relocation of five monumental linden trees from the project Hogeweg.