Motorway A6-A1

Amsterdam - Almere

Expansion of the Motorway

The A1/A6 is a fifteen-minute car journey full of variety; six different types of landscape, three junctions and numerous civil artworks. The motorway route of 23 kilometres between Diemen and Almere is one of five sub-projects of the motorway of Schiphol-Amsterdam-Almere (SAA). The ambition document is ready to be realised into a performance-oriented landscape design.

The Motorway and the Landscape

The core motif ‘the highway facilitates, the landscape dominates’ was adopted by OKRA and developed into a landscape design where the different landscapes become apparent. The original landscape structure, woodlands and waterways are brought as close to the motorway as possible. The motorway and the directly related area remain as compact and legible as possible, within the strict parameters of the ambition document.

Coherent Whole

The integrated design vision has led to a coherent interplay between the motorway and its direct surroundings, the artwork and adjacent landscapes. After construction, a peaceful road layout and diverse landscapes will be experienced.