Rotterdam city centre


Differentiated area

The centre of Rotterdam is gradually changing from a typical modernist and mono-functional city into a diverse city centre. The City of Rotterdam has ambitions to develop the city centre into an attractive space for living, working and dwelling. The transformation is already underway but the public space has remained behind. Improving the network and the quality of life of the public space is now a priority.

Connected City

In OKRA’s vision, Connected City, it aims to raise the barriers that separated parts of the centre and brings priority back to pedestrians in the city. A ‘park-and-walk’ system on the outskirts of the city will be introduced combined with attractive pedestrian routes, which will lead to a new balance between traffic systems. The routes follow the old structure of the city, linking existing and new green space and recreational places in the centre.

Qualitative Boost

A few years after creating the vision the results of the city are already visible with the realisation of several projects. The centre has been renovated, green areas have been realised and quays are transformed from parking to harbour-side park. As result of the improvements to public space, new residents are being attracted to the city centre, where the transformation towards residential city is in motion.