Rotterdam the Netherlands

Best public space
The Binnenrotte is a characteristic space in Rotterdam. Two days a week there is the buzz of the market. The rest of the time the square was large and inhospitable. Now there is a lively square with lots of greenery, paving contrasts and even a waterfall. And the market is more accessible than ever. OKRA won with this design the award Best Public Space 2018.

Connection with the city
Anyone who hasn’t been to Rotterdam for a long time hardly recognizes the Binnenrotte. The square has been completely rebuilt. The wish of the municipality was to make the square a lively part of the city that is well connected to its surroundings and that the square is also a pleasant place to stay when there is no market. In the new layout the side paths between the stands connect to the side streets of the Binnenrotte and in this way the market is more connected to the city.

Pleasant place to stay
The greenery plays an important role on the renovated square; there are three fan-shaped areas with trees and large elevated green spaces with a diverse assortment so that the square has something to offer every season. In front of the Laurenskerk is a sunbathing lawn with a waterfall, the showpiece on the square. It makes sure that visitors can and want to stay here pleasantly. Also remarkable is the natural stone strip, ‘the strip of Möbius’, which lies in the middle of the pavement along the full length of the square. OKRA designed it together with artist Jeroen Doorenweerd.