Market Square

The Binnenrotte is a characteristic square in Rotterdam. Its large scale makes it a problematic space when empty and there is no market. However, on market days there is a lack of interaction between the market and the urban fabric. The crucial question is how to provide space for a wide range of users, and how it can be a square for a city.


Connection with the city

Binnenrotte is a market square and in OKRA’s proposal this will remain so in the classic sense: the market as a meeting place. The square becomes part of the city by creating a green space that can be programmed on non-market days for various activities. The square area has a unique character, whilst responding to characteristics of the surroundings. The terraces by De Meent, the high street, create vibrancy and a meadow with waterfall opposite the Laurence Church offers a place to stay.


Urban Space

Through the redesign of the Binnenrotte it becomes much more than an urban space. It offers a scenography of time and ensures dynamic use that will also increase in time; a yearly, weekly and daily rhythm occurs. The square changes throughout the week with different situations when there is a market. Throughout the day it changes with the transition from day to evening use.