Rik Wouterstuin

Mechelen Belgium

Changing function

The Rik Wouterstuin is located north of the river where, in the past, tidal water ran freely and many canals (Dutch: vlieten), could be found. Behind the houses of Rik Woutersstraat one of the canals was the Melaan. This canal was capped over and used as a parking area, losing its allure as a place to stay.


Qualitative Green Spaces

Mechelen is working on adding more green spaces within the city. The courtyard of Rik Wouterstuin is transformed into one of those green spaces. OKRA combines the realisation of the courtyard with visualising the disappeared Melaan. The garden is a tranquil place with a green character, space to stay, play and a tribute to the Mechelen artist, Rik Wouters.


The New standard

The Rik Wouterstuin sets the new standard for Mechelen with regards to the design of the green and blue city of the future, with many identities, meeting spaces and quality of life.