Plinius Park

Tongeren Belgium

Roman history

Tongeren is one of the oldest settlements from the Roman period and was founded close to the Plinius spring. In Belgium, this historical period is known as the Gallo-Roman period. With the closing and decommissioning of the amusement park in Tongeren, a previously important area of the city became unused, creating an unwanted void.

A bespoke park

OKRA designed a landscape park that could accommodate the proposed outdoor pool and is a reflection of the landscape in Haspengauw. A landscape characterised by its rolling countryside, fruit trees, and the contrast between the upper dry grounds and low wet grounds. The Plinius source is given prominence within the park, as an integral part of the city’s history, telling the story of the Gallo-Roman past and the origins of Tongeren. The outdoor swimming pool is located at the highest point from which the entire park can be viewed, as such a modern counterpart of the adjacent Castle of Betho.

Identity Source

For Tongeren, the new landscape park is an important addition. Plinius Park reveals and communicates the narrative layer of the Gallo-Roman past and the Plinius source illustrating its importance as part of Tongeren. The transformation into a city park makes the park an important recreational urban expansion area for Tongeren.