Stage De Stokte

Dalfsen The Netherlands

Space for the River Vecht

In the ‘space for the Vecht’ programme it is intended to create more recreational interventions that highlight and attract people to the river and Vechtdal area. Different (art) projects are being implemented to take advantage of the potential of the area.


Silence Balcony

OKRA has realised look out point on top of the former landfill site De Stokte in Dalfsen. The viewpoint takes advantage of the height of the former landfill to capture the views. A cycle and footpath leads up the hill and ends at the balcony. Here, sitting on one of the barstools visitors can experience the significant height above the river, enjoy the view and the natural beauty of the Vechtdal.


Enclosed Spaces and Panoramic Views

Walking towards the viewpoint one can find a variety of wide groves for enclosed spaces and panoramic views over the River Vecht. The vegetation consists of natural and native species and offers shelter for deer and other wildlife. The viewpoint is a good example of how a small intervention can be meaningful for a region.