Place des Landais

Soorts-Hossegor France

Spectacular seafront
Place des Landais is a special place on the Landes coast. The monumental seafront, which forms an architectural spectacle, was built in the early twentieth century by the brothers Gomez. The coastal strip has been developed considerably since the 1930s, but now the outdoor areas no longer meet the current requirements in terms of accessibility and comfort.

Upgrading expired seaside resort
OKRA proposes in its plan to redefine the topography of the public space, to meet the contemporary needs that offer space to for both terraces of cafes and restaurants, and at national and international festivals and sporting events. The square is at the same height as the surrounding, which makes it possible to remove all obstacles, stairs and walls, thus creating a large and expansive gazebo towards the beach and sea. The promenade along the sea remains at the current level and is connected to the square by two gentle slopes.

Contact between square and sea
A large mosaic on the border between square and sea emphasises the transition between the buildings and the beach and echoes the decorative motifs used by the Gomez brothers in the 1930s. The seaside town has been revitalised by the recovered spatial structure, restoring contact between seaside resort and sea.