Green connection
After more than a century trains no longer use the Oosterspoorbaan. Bikes and pedestrians are the new users of this unique city park that connects the historical city centre of Utrecht with the green estates of Rhijnauwen and Amelisweerd. These act as the green belt around Utrecht. The intensely used path along the historical river Kromme Rijn is connected to the new Park Oosterspoorbaan

Train history
The double track is still present in the new park. As a reminder of the former use, recycled rails are visible in the sidewalks and recreational seating squares. By maintaining the rail portals and adding additional columnar beech trees, the city’s historical line will stay visible.

In close consultation with residents, it was decided to express the train history on the former embankment. The surrounding area has a more natural look. In addition, the neighbourhood voted in favour of the concept where the cycling route is partly on and next to the railway embankment. This has created a varied routing for the new kilometre-long city park.