Multi-Use Transport Hubs

Antwerp Belgium

Transport Efficiency in Cities

Many cities are faced with the task to offer (and continue to offer) a high degree of quality of life, a healthy environment and safety. Utilising and organising different modes of transport efficiently is one of the opportunities to creating an attractive city. Ease of movement throughout, in and out of the city is important. The ambition to create intersections and transfer points that not only functions well but also with high spatial quality is often the ambition, but is rarely the reality.

Case Studies

The demand for the design of parking garages and Park & Rides for the City of Antwerp has led to a multidisciplinary approach of creating transport hubs. An approach that NIO, OKRA and Advier have developed together, creating a design strategy and business case. For two locations a demonstration projects have been developed. The first, on the left bank of Antwerp, unifying the fragmented green around the transfer hub will be transformed into a landscape park, utilising recreational connections to eliminate infrastructure barriers. Programmatic nodes, including the transfer point, form the link in the mobility system of the city. The second, in north Antwerp, a cluster of transfer points is proposed, connected to metropolitan leisure, urban distribution centres and retail. Improved connections ensure a good connection to the motorway network and the city centre.

Multi-disciplinary Approach

The project offers an integrated look at multi-use transfer points. An opportunity to develop innovative new thinking about transport hubs, making it possible to break traditional assumptions. By working with a multidisciplinary team for the design, construction and operations various business models are presented that make it possible to realise an attractive public space and also creates opportunity for collaboration with more stakeholders than in conventional approaches.