Mnevniki – Green benefits

Mnevniki Russia

Boosting Life Quality

In the context of city development along Moscow River OKRA was invited to participate in the competition Mnevniki. The challenge was to change the old riverbed and floodplains into a cohesive green network and link the remaining green fragments within new areas. With the increase in economic development in Moscow, the air quality and living conditions have been significantly depleted, a design for a recreational and ecological system for the city is necessary.

Green benefits

Park Mnevniki will be a part of the larger park system, along the River Moscow, whilst defining a strong new identity for the area. OKRA’s design proposes to create a self-sufficient park that combines infrastructure, nature areas, accessible landscape and the system of connectors and crossing points. Contemporary concepts asks for a contemporary economic approach, the design of Mnevniki ensures that OKRA’s plan provides a base for economic development that goes hand in hand with ecological development resulting in a substantial green benefit for the area and the city.

The City Pearl

The strength of the design is the uniting the initiative of local’s inhabitants, local landowners and the city self. The Park will be on of the untouched pearl of the natural landscape inside the huge metropolitan.