Meridian Water

London England

Mega Development

The development of Meridian Water is the largest development site in North London. It is part of the strategic development within the Upper Lee Valley, which is a crucial link within the Stansted Cambridge growth corridor. The 85-hectare site, linked to the new CrossRail2 station, is a mixed residential area in the attractive River Lee landscape. The total project aims to build more than 10,000 new homes and business developments, providing 6,700 new jobs in the area, transforming the North London area.


Blue-Green Framework

OKRA has developed a climate-proof strategy for Meridian Water, including a blue-green framework for public space. This network is linked to the different waterways in the area, the River Lee, the Lee Navigation Canal, Salmons Brook and Pymmes Brook. OKRA has created a design toolbox for the water-sensitive development area in the Upper Lee Valley, becoming a showcase for 21st-century urbanism in London.


Contextual approach

The toolbox for water sensitive design will be applied related to the context of the subsequent zones, resulting in a flexible system and diversification of Meridian Water’s development zones.