Marina Park

Cork Docklands Ireland

Post-Industrial Park

Like many former industrial cities, the Irish city of Cork has a large decommissioned industrial area adjacent to its city centre and along the river. This is an area that lends itself for residential development and redevelopment of the public park. The proposed Marina Park is planned on both a former brown field site, which consists of largely derelict showground buildings, a Gaelic sport stadium and on a run down natural zone. Creating a challenging context for a well-planned coherent park.

Adaptable Park

In OKRA plan, the park plays an essential role in retaining storm water runoff, not just within the park, but also for the surrounding residential areas and future dockland development. It provides a landscape solution for urban adaptation, by creating space for temporary storage of increased or extreme rainfall events and rising sea levels. The water theme becomes the backbone of the park, integrating the natural wetland areas with the social gathering and event areas. The park surrounds the renovatedGaelic sport stadium and reuses structures of the former showground.

Water Landscape

OKRA’s integrated approach to landscape, water engineering, the social and cultural heritage results in a well balanced park that transforms the contextual challenges of temporary water storage into one of the main features of the park.