Lukhanyo Hub

Cape Town Republic of South Africa

Resilient Urban Neighbourhood Model

Lukhanyo Hub is a mixed-use transversal project comprising the research, design and implementation of a catalytic model for inclusive urban upgrading and development which will improve lives and have social and economic impact for the long term. Together with RCDC OKRA has developed a model of urban development called the Resilient Neighbourhood Model. The Lukhanyo Hub is being gradually developed according to this model, in collaboration with the Intlanganiso School and the local community.

Lukhanyo Hub

During the last years on the school’s land in Cape Town’s largest township, a sports field has been created and an urban farm is installed. Following to OKRA’s vision RCDC is aiming to change this area into a green hub, providing social functions for the neighbourhood. Recently a new piece of the project has been completed. It consists of a hydroponic and aquaponic system, linked to rainwater collection. The installation aims to improve water resilience and reduce water costs, while promoting engagement and healthy learning for the students.

We want more trees!
Recently the school children have been working at a workshop and concluded: We want trees planted! With planting many trees, the Lukhanyo Hub can become a green area for education, for sports, for urban farming, and become a real community centre. On 22 November, the schoolchildren were already planting some small trees together with the Dutch consul Sebastiaan Messerschmidt. OKRA is going to expand on this. We will plant more trees in the next year. It would be great if one big tree will become an ubuntu tree, where children and other people come together. Ubuntu means being generous, hospitable, friendly, caring and compassionate. It is the idea of sharing what you have.

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