Kwaliteitsgids – Utrecht


System for Core Strengths

The government has recently designated twenty National Landscapes, the most unique landscapes of the Netherlands. The National Spatial Strategy formulates powerful and concisely what makes each unique landscape, what their core strengths are. But qualities as “openness”, “peat character” and “coherent system” are not immediately practical. They have asked for this to be elaborated, a translation that can be applied in everyday practice.

Widely Applicable

Commissioned by the province of Utrecht, OKRA has systematically developed the core strengths and has created a guide that identifies and can be put to practical use. The result is more than just a documentation of how the landscape have been created and developed. It’s about how you can commit to further policy objectives and development, a sharp analysis and system that can be applied to various National Landscapes in the province.

Dynamics of the Landscape

Based on the dynamic National Landscape types identified, OKRA has formulated, per landscape, ambitions for the landscape type and design principles to strengthen the core qualities. The Quality Guide Utrecht Landscapes has been developed for six of the identified National Landscapes.