Coastal Scenarios for Development, Lelystad


Grown City Versus Planned City

In Lelystad the difference between a city that has grown and evolved over time and the planned city can be experienced. Lelystad is a planned city that was designed to accommodate at least 100.000 residents, a solution for the lack of space for residents and businesses within the Randstad. However, employment opportunities lag behind, the available housing is unbalanced and the imbalanced population composition in Lelystad leads to social problems, high unemployment and crime. The current ‘core strengths’; peace, quiet, green, blue Lelystad are unfortunately overlooked and meaningless. Therefore, the challenge is to use the strengths of Leylstad and create an attractive and touristic city on the water.


City on the Water

OKRA has been asked to develop innovative, inspiring and realistic future scenarios for the coast of Lelystad. OKRA has outlined the concept of landscape city, where the qualities of the surrounding area and the city are linked. Fundamental to this is the improvement of the accessibility of the waterfront by connecting to transform the Markerwaarddijk to the A23, the construction of the Hanze line and upgrade connections between the airport and the new urban development. Lelystad turns towards the water, a direction where the young and planned city has not finished looking. The scenarios for the new waterfront include not only housing, but also recreational opportunities and an ecological reserve in the IJsselmeer.


New Quality

The context of Lelystad changes; the robust green and blue landscape form a strong foundation of peacefulness and space, creating a face of the city that is no longer turned in on its self. The reorientation of the city is leading a new phase, shedding the negative image of a remote town, in relation to other major cities. Turning it into one that benefits from being well connected, whilst still enjoying the benefits of nature and space that are still present here.