Knooppunt Drechtsteden


Anonymous Motorway Nodes

Several highways traverse the Drechtsteden area forming a triangle that creates an urban agglomeration of edges. The city and motorway have little interaction. The Foundation De STAD, in collaboration with Drechtsteden has asked for concept plans that outline future development of the motorway nodes.


Don’t Build but Grow

OKRA’s research design ‘Landscape Nodes; don’t build but grow’ looks at the potential of infrastructural nodes not as urban infill, but in the perception of the different landscapes around the Drecht cities. By restoring landscapes or leaving them intact until the asphalt of the motorway creates a stronger landscape experience. For the situation at the A16 Sandelingen a case study is made where the existing landscape of greenhouses and small-scale agriculture takes on a new dimension through a mix of slow food, health, recreation and sports. Old river meanders are restored and provide the basis for a literal high point on the nodes in the shape of a cone: a vertical cultivated landscape.


Node Landscape

The highway landscape offers opportunities to make a transition to ‘food and health’ node landscape. Within the framework outlined that can be done through concrete business cases, local initiatives and the development of a robust landscape framework; all related to the node.