Keulse Poort

Venlo the Netherlands

Attractive city entrance
OKRA has made a design for an attractive entrance to the city centre of Venlo. The motivation was the relocation of Museum van Bommel van Dam to the former post office at the Keulse Poort, a stone’s throw from the train station, where the Limburgs Museum also has its entrance.

Greening Venlo
With this redevelopment plan, OKRA expresses the ambitions of the city council to make Venlo’s city centre greener and climate-proof. Fewer cars, more green space and less paving will improve the quality of life in Venlo’s new museum quarter.

Climate adaptive design
With OKRA’s climate-adaptive design, almost all existing trees (mostly plane trees) at the Keulse Poort will be retained and supplemented to increase biodiversity and create shaded areas for more cooling during hot summer days. There will be several planting beds in which rainwater will be stored to provide the trees with sufficient water and serve as seating elements. The cluttered public space will be rearranged, creating more space for events such as the finish of the annual city marathon.