Moscow Brateevo

Moscow Russia

Soviet High-Rise

As part of Russian-Dutch collaboration, OKRA worked with the Russian office Ampir to develop a vision for Brateevo, a Soviet high-rise district along the Moscow River. The aim was to turn Brateevo into a vibrant and green part of the city as a response to the decline in past decades.

River Park

OKRA created a strong identity of a river park for the area by linking the green and blue structures of the landscape into the urban fabric. Attractive connections improve the network of public space and connect the neighbourhood with the subway and river ferry. The balance between slow traffic and fast traffic has improved by creating better space for pedestrians and cyclists. The interventions in the public domain lower the anonymity in the area and reactivate.

Unique collaboration

This project is a unique collaboration with the Department for Natural Resource Management, Environmental Protection of Moscow, the Dutch DLG and the Research and Design Institute for the development of the master plan of Moscow. The result of this project is a toolkit for sustainable green development as an integral part of the urban (re)development in large cities, such as the city of Moscow.