Go Cycle: Kingston Station

Kingston England

In London, the realisation of good cycle connections and related facilities are getting more and more attention. Together with Buro Happold, SWA and Tomato, OKRA is working on transforming the station environment in Kingston, London. The project is part of the Mini-Holland project in which cycling in London is promoted and better facilitated in the public space. The actual task is to facilitate the cyclist and create a better hub with good before and after transport.

In the plans of OKRA, east-west and north-south connections are linked into a network. A ‘gateway’ at Kingston Station and one at Kingston Bridge define the boundaries of the centre. The place in front of the station becomes a transiting square, a ‘space of flows’ where people move from the station to the city centre. The construction of a linear river park at right angles to the river will better connect the station and the River Thames. Kingston will be one of the three Boroughs in London to realise a model project as part of Mini-Holland.