City Centre – Basel

Basel Switzerland

Redundant Asphalt

In recent decades most European cities have regenerated their historic centres and creating a car-free environment. Basel has never implemented their plans to restore its centre, Altstadt. The car still governs the street and therefore public space remains dominated by asphalt.

Shared Space 2.0

OKRA has developed the master plan for the city aiming for a renewed balance between pedestrians, cyclists and motorised traffic: Shared Space 2.0. The key to success is to focus upon pedestrian and slow traffic within the city, without eliminating or making motorised traffic impossible. The design of public space is designed so that it provides flexibility for different users at different times.

Landscape City

The design of the public space reveals the underlying landscape of the hills, the river valley and the riverfront. This is reinforced by the programming concept creating busy and quiet places in the city, defined to match the atmosphere of the area. The result is a vivid green landscape city where residents and visitors can experience the character of the city.