Fontys Campus Rachelsmolen

Eindhoven the Netherlands

Inspiring educational environment

In the coming years, the existing Rachelsmolen campus of Fontys Hogescholen in Eindhoven will be transformed from a secluded island in the city to an inspiring educational environment. It will be a campus where meeting people is central and where cross-pollination leads to innovation, experimentation and enterprise. With Barcode Architects and Hollandse Nieuwe interior architects, OKRA landscape architects will design this new ambitious Fontys Campus.

Bustling city square

To provide space, the large existing building will be demolished. The fences around the campus will also be removed, opening up the area to the city of Eindhoven. The new educational facilities will be positioned so that they form a unit with the existing buildings. The new educational buildings will be positioned so that, together with the existing buildings, they form a unified whole and are surrounded by an inner area, a green public space of 4 hectares that invites people to meet and stay, with the bustling town square as the eye-catcher of the campus.

Climate-adaptive design

The campus will have a strong green character with a mix of dynamic places to stay, mini-forests, open fields and a wadi with plants that tie in with the ecology of the Dommel river. This will make the campus resistant to periods of extreme precipitation, long periods of drought and heat. Various outdoor classrooms have been designed in the landscape, where education and consultation can take place. This will further stimulate the healthy use of the campus. The aim of our design for the new Rachelsmolen Campus is creating a healthy learning and living space for now and in the future.