Ghent Belgium

New Identity

A new district ‘the Loop’ around the exhibition and events centre of Flanders Expo. A transformation process will take place in the coming years based on plans to densify the area, construction of a motorway from the P├ęgaudlaan and retail area, all to create a stronger identity, employment and vibrancy in this area. The public domain at the current Expo site requires a strong identity that fits into an area with large buildings, robust infrastructure coupled with over three thousand parking spaces.

Dynamics in the public domain

In the vision of OKRA the public domain divided into recognisable units with their own atmosphere and dynamics of the retail area, the forecourt at the expo and the avenue in the office area. The large green and water structures provide the framework eating upon the large-scale units. The dynamics of the movement of people and cars is accommodated in the public space with sufficient capacity during peak hours, and simultaneously provides attractiveness when there are few people.

Periphery offers new urbanity

The vision and realised projects developed by OKRA provide the framework for quality development. Even though it is the area at the edge of town, there shall be qualities of a new urbanism. Especially as the development occurs in large units and is relatively slow, the framework provides a clear structure for the long term.