Ejby Campus

Glostrup Denmark

Business Park

Ejby Glostrup, on the outskirts of Copenhagen, is a well connected to the city centre, due to strong surrounding infrastructure, whilst being in the countryside. Like many business parks, it is quiet, has plenty of public green, thus making it an ideal location not only to work but also to live and recreate. The problem is: there are currently only businesses, no commercial facilities and unfortunately the public space is not an inviting place to stay.

Gradual Transformation

OKRA’s vision for Ejby Campus introduces a gradual transformation from industrial to park-like campus. Through the introduction of the light rail link towards the centre of Copenhagen the opportunities for new development are strengthened. As a kick-start for the project it is proposed that housing and shops constructed shall act as a catalyst for the transformation towards the campus. At the same time, the regulations for existing parcels will be broadened, allowing existing stakeholders to extend and to develop public functions. In return, allowing a part of their land to be made open and for public use.

Future Example

The master plan provides guidelines to build new volumes and develop a lively park with residential areas. The combination of planning and participation plan is seen as an example for the transformation of business parks.