Ejby Campus

Glostrup Denmark

Business Park

Ejby Glostrup, a business park on the outskirts of Copenhagen, is very well connected to the city centre due to its location on arterial roads as well as to the surrounding landscape. As with many of these business parks, it is quiet, and there is plenty of public green space. It is a perfect place to live and recreate. The problem is that there are only businesses there. No shops, no facilities and the public space is unattractive to reside.

Gradual transformation

In the vision ‘Ejby Campus’ OKRA has introduced a gradual transformation of a business park into a park-like campus. The arrival of a light rail connection to the centre of Copenhagen creates opportunities for new developments. The construction of homes and shops in this first phase is the right kick-start for the differentiation of the Ejby Campus. At the same time, regulations for existing plots of land are broadened. It will allow existing stakeholders to expand and develop public-oriented functions. In return, they must open up part of their site and make it attractive to the public.


The master plan gives direction to building volumes and the development of a lively park with attractive living spaces. By combining planning and participation, the project is as an example of the transformation of business parks.