Ecoquartier du Basroch

Grande-Synthe France

Living in nature

The development of the new Eco-neighbourhood in Grande Synthe shall provide for collective living in close relationship with nature and has high ambitions in sustainable energy use. To save as much as possible of the existing nature and use it as a quality, the buildings are located in the heart of the place. The opening is made by a simple solution where cars, pedestrians and cyclists share the road.


Living Together

To promote living together in an eco-neighbourhood and contribute to a local economy is provided in communal areas and communal gardens. There is also car-sharing and common use of workshops related to collective housing. For reasons of social mix of the neighbourhood the units are divided into neighbourhoods of 100 to 200 homes.


Sustainable Living

Nestled in the green and blue heart of Grande Synthe the district Baroch sets a strong environmental standard  by exceptional mobility management, flexible phasing and the protection and development of biodiversity. By using materials that are sustainable; renewable, recyclable, innovative water management and local energy production, the district can be realised with a positive energy balance.