Xi'an China

Water Management

Creating the Dutch garden for Xi’an’s Garden Show 2011, offers the opportunity to present innovativeideas within society in a miniature landscape. OKRA’s interests lie in studying today’s challenges presented within the delta landscape and researching an integral solution to climate change and sea level rise, in combination with urban expansion. Water management in the landscape needs to be retained and filtered within the city boundaries.

Man and Nature

The garden designed by OKRA is more than just a controlled landscape; it represents contemporary relationship between man and nature. It focuses upon the symbiosis between consumption and production, between dynamic and rest. The Eco-garden represents the idea that future urban green spaces will be linked to sustainable water management, a healthy energy cycle, recycling resources, waste and nutrients. The garden generates energy and focuses upon creating public awareness about water management and water systems.

Life Cycles

Innovative cultivation techniques are implemented to show possibilities of sustainable urban farming. Production of plants requires linking the cycle of nutrients to those of the water and energy. The sustainable technology of the garden is closely related to life cycles, within an artificial system thus creating harmony with nature and offering an exceptional experience of a working landscape.