Mechelen Belgium

Quality of Life

The Donkerlei neighbourhood is densely populated. Parked cars determine the streetscape and it can be difficult to orient yourself. Combined with the lack of meeting places and green creates a lack of vitality in the district. Therefore, the City of Mechelen sees the need to invigorate the public domain and create a more vibrant Donkerlei.


Restoring the Balance

OKRA ‘s strategy focuses on restoring balance; more space for pedestrians, creating residential quality and improve the orientation. Planting plays an important role, by creating tree typologies and different types of plant, creates distinction in every street giving each its own character. Wider footways give priority to pedestrians important. The street corners are arranged to meet. Centrally located the residential area a neighbourhood park; designed for young and old to meet with potential sports and games.


Friendly Environment

The proposal from OKRA has greatly improved the life in the Donkerlei; planting makes the streets recognisable, which orient much easier. The residents feel more connected to their environment and often meet each other outside.