Amsterdam – De Weesper (PIOA)

Amsterdam The Netherlands

Attractive and successful city
After the departure of the PIOA (prison facility) from the Bijlmerbajes complex, the government organised a competition for the redevelopment of this former prison. The challenge was to create a design that transforms this into a coherent part of the city and the urban network. OKRA has developed the design for Vastint in collaboration with, among others, Barcode Architects and CF Möller.

Healthy urbanisation
A vital city is an attractive and successful city. The healthier the inhabitants, the more they contribute to the liveability and economy of the city. OKRA’s design offers a lot of space for ecology and focuses on sustainable water systems and renewable energy sources. The layout of the living environment unmistakably influences the behaviour of people: De Weesper tempts inhabitants towards an active lifestyle with the realisation of good walking and cycling paths and attractive places for sports and games.

Public space as a carrier
De Weesper focuses on public space with human dimensions. The canal is transformed into a green-blue park-like edge, creating places to play and relax. The carefully designed connection between the buildings and ground-level enhances the interaction between the two and stimulates a sense of ownership.