Caspar van Wittelplantsoen


Park as a Spatial Anchor

The new Park of Caspar Wittelplantsoen in Amersfoort connects the new building of the Soesterkwartier along Puntenburgerlaan with the existing buildings and acts as a green meeting place for both old and new residents. The ambition is, on a relatively small area, to create an abundance of green. This is achieved by placing a large amount of new trees and grassy plains as the basis for the establishment of the park.

Playing with Height

The rolling grasslands give the park a natural, intimate atmosphere, allowing a height difference to be created in the central area of the park and the surrounding streets. A clear path network provides both a good east-west connection from the station and Soesterkwartier to Eemcentrum, together with a good connection to the surrounding homes on the park side. The different connections are varied and carve through the topography of the park.

Water as an Icon

An important part of the park is a shallow water strip between the central housing blocks, which flows down through a number of stepped pools. The water line gives the appearance of a prime location to live and relax together. Through this element the desired high quality and atmosphere of the new park is reflected.