Boulevard de Wielingen


Repositioning along the Coast

The necessity for coastal defence and improvement of public space results in Cadzand Bad being repositioned along the coast. With the development of Cadzand Bad it will shake the image of a sleepy seaside town. The redevelopment is also required out of economic necessity, aiming for year round operation creating a renewed perspective of this part of the coast.


Maritime balcony, Dune-boulevard and Promenade

With plans of OKRA the seaside towns link to the sea and the dunes atmosphere will be strengthened. A balcony over the sea is created by raising the public space behind the dike and builds a new connection to the marina. In the widened dune, a route along the sea is created with special places. The current Boulevard De Wielingen is transformed into a green boulevard.


Attractive Seaside Town

Along the coast of Zeeland Flanders, Cadzand Bad will become the seaside town with style. The key to success lies in properly connecting the boulevard with its environment. With the further development of the town, the dune atmosphere felt in the resort and experiencing the dune even more quality than is currently the case.