Bleizo Business park


Multimodal Transport Hub

In the development area Bleizo the municipalities Zoetermeer and Lansingerland, the city region Haaglanden and Rotterdam City are working together on the development of a new regional and multi-modal transport hub.
By intensifying the programme by the station an optimal urban link can be achieved between traffic, agriculture and food sector, residential, shops and indoor recreation leisure landscape of the green heart.

Visual Unity

OKRA is responsible for the urban planning and landscape design, the visual quality plan and the design of public space. In the design the five axis of the city are connected with the landscape of the Rottezoom. The realisation of an attractive public domain with space for nature, leisure and recreational use in the form of sports, energy and nature experience are important elements in order to create visual unity and spatial coherence.

Clean Technology

Bleizo distinguishes itself with a sustainable design for water and green system. We deal carefully with raw materials and make the best use of light, water, heat and wind. The design for the infrastructure of Bleizo remains flexible for mobility developments in the future. The companies to settle here are pioneers in the development of clean technology. Concrete examples are wind and solar energy, rainwater storage, responsible use of materials and the development of self-sustaining systems.