Bispebjerg Health Park

Copenhagen Denmark

Healing environment

The multidiscipline competition was organised to modernise and expand the monumental complex of Bispebjerg Hospital. The future healing environment should reflect the historic qualities of the campus while meeting the requirements necessary to provide modern health care.

Recover surrounded by greenery

The proposal will be created on the basis of the existing urban symmetrical structure by adding a second strong axis. The perpendicular axis forms the backbone for the internal organisation of the proposed new building. Newly added public spaces and patios are linked directly to this central axis. The plan of OKRA promotes the beneficial effects of green surroundings for patients and visitors during recuperation. This creates an inverse of the historical complex of separate pavilions in a green space. The existing green is transformed into themed gardens that are linked to the adjoining pavilion, focused on the patient’s contact with greenery. On the street side of the proposed new building, a clear and open entrance space is designed around a large pond, where roof water can be collected and later reused for garden maintenance.

Strategy stages

The entire proposal can be developed in different stages in which the hospital can continue to function. The final result is a modern hospital complex in which historical architecture retains its value, and more importantly, green contributes to a healing environment.