Belsenpark mixed-use development

Düsseldorf Germany

OKRA in collaboration with UNStudio has won the first place in the international competition for the design of a new mixed-use high-rise complex in Düsseldorf. This complex is the final piece of the masterplan “Belsenpark II” in Düsseldorf Oberkassel. The building’s location is crucial for bringing together the adjacent communities and offering a lively and attractive destination for multiple users. At a larger scale, Belsenpark II is strategically located in one of Düsseldorf’s east-west green corridors. The location of the building therefore forms a critical green link within this network, where it supports biodiversity at a larger scale, while physically connecting various sparse green amenities at a neighbourhood scale.

At the scale of the plot, the landscape design aims to physically connect to key green structures of the neighbourhood through a linear pedestrian axis that culminates in a secluded pocket park surrounded and activated by the multiple public amenities of the buildings’ ground floors. The finely articulated geometrical patterns of the buildings’ facades are mirrored on the landscape plan, creating seating nooks along the main circulation zones, creating therefore an integrated image between the building and the landscape. At the intersection of the two main pedestrian paths, a water feature creates an attractive place to enjoy the sun, while showcasing a sustainable rainwater management approach for the entire development.