Vlissingen Harbour

Previously, Bellamy Park was a harbour with wharves and enclosed by beautiful facades. When the harbour was filled, the space felt out of proportion and, as occurs in many cities, became dominated by cars and parking. The little green that was found on the square was run down, leaving the space poorly used.

City square with its own identity

In OKRA’s plan, the aim is to bring back balance within the square, reduce vehicle movement, and to create a space that caters for urban facilities whilst simultaneously, retaining historic value and spatial quality. The elongated square is a transition space from a large square, surrounded with cafes and restaurants, to a more intimate flowering park.

A busy and peaceful square

Movable furniture and planting boxes have been designed for the park, creating a flexible space that provides plenty of seating and place to relax, which can be shifted to create space for events when necessary. The edges of the square have been given a new profile, paying attention to and responding to the requirements of the surrounding cafes and restaurants. This can be seen in the design of the terraces, which can be expanded when required. The café and restaurant owners acknowledge that the square has very much improved.