Basel City Centre

Basel Switzerland

Revitalise the city centre
In recent decades, several European capitals have revitalized their historic city centres and made them pedestrian-friendly. Basel has never implemented these regeneration measures in its historic city centre. The car is still dominant there, and the image of the public space is dominated by asphalt.

Shared Space 2.0
OKRA developed a master plan for Basel’s inner city and introduced a new mobility concept focusing on a renewed balance between pedestrians, cyclists and motorized traffic: ‘Shared Space 2.0’. The key to success is putting the pedestrian at the city centre and keeping fast traffic out, but without eliminating or making motorized traffic impossible. The layout of the public space is designed to provide flexibility for different users at different times.

Landscape city
The design makes the underlying landscape of the hills, the stream valley, and the riverfront visible again. This is reinforced by a programming concept where busy and quiet places in the city are defined to match the area’s atmosphere. The result is a lively and green landscape city where residents and visitors can experience the city’s character.