Seaside resort of the 21st century


OKRA has been asked to present a vision for the future wherein coastal safety is accompanied by a quality impulse for a seaside resort in the Netherlands. The Dutch coast is continually changing, especially in the dynamic delta of South-West Netherlands. The process of sea-level rise and the higher demands placed on safety requires reinforcement of the coast. Research has been done on how coastal zone development relates to the next generation of coastal defences.

Connecting the seaside resort with the sea
To give space to the development of the seaside resort and connect it with the sea, OKRA proposed to take the public space as a framework. By means of zoning, rules were defined for coastal development per coastal section. In the core zone areas have been identified where conditions in the coastal zone are possible under certain conditions and where not. The ends some long routes will act as the anchor points, where buildings and activities on the coastal front present themselves. Specific solutions are offered for the anchor points.

Seaside resort of the 21st century
The proposed zoning of the coastal zone is linked to rules for building and public space, which ensure that even in the long term of approximately 50 years the frontline at sea meets future and far-reaching requirements for coastal defence. The long-term perspective offers frameworks for quality impulses. A focus on wellness gives the status of a luxurious seaside resort. A significant increase in residential tourism results in critical mass, which makes it possible to make the change from seasonal products to year-round operation.