A square for the neighbourhood
The Afrikaanderbuurt in Rotterdam is always bustling. The 127 nationalities in this neighbourhood all use the outdoor space differently. Due to excessive use at the end of the 1990s, the Afrikaanderplein was seriously dilapidated and no longer met the requirements of its users and the safety that is expected in a city park.

Interactive planning process
The Afrikaanderplein was a hotchpotch of segments. Each user group had its own island and sat with its back to the square or hid behind high fences to ward off other users. In the middle of the square were fields that had been badly vandalised and polluted. Considering this context, OKRA sought to engage with the residents and conducted an open and interactive planning process.

A new living space
The new design has become the reverse of the old situation. Together with residents, users of the square, the municipality of Rotterdam and community workers, the contours for the new design were outlined. The design results from a complex planning process that is coherent and legible and meets everybody’s wishes.