A Square for the Neighbourhood

The Afrikaander neighbourhood in South Rotterdam is always busy. The 127 nationalities that can be found in the neighbourhood use the outdoor space in a different way. Due to over use in the late nineties Afrikaanderplein was badly run down and no longer met the requirements of the users or safety expected within a park of today.

Interactive Planning Process

Afrikaanderplein was a juxtaposition of fragments. All the different user groups had their own island and sat with their backs to each other or hidden behind high fences to keep out other users. In the middle of the square there were a few fields that were severely vandalised and polluted. From this context, OKRA sought out a dialogue with the residents and have, for the first time in the Netherlands, is lined-for the first time in the Netherlands, conducted an open and interactive planning process.

Fragmented Space to Space For Use

The new design has become the inverse of the old situation. Together with local residents, users of the square, the borough of Feijenoord, neighbourhood community work and other municipal organisations, the outline for the new design were laid out. The design is the result of a complex planning process that in design is coherent and legible whilst meeting everyone’s requirements.