Ningo Prampram

Accra Ghana


In 2015, OKRA has participated in the UN Lab for Accra, Ghana on the planned city extension for Ningo Prampram.  An integrated proposal is created by Ghana-Lab, a team of MLA+, More Architecture, Fabric, MIXST Urbanisme and OKRA, part of the Global Network of Urban Planning and Design Labs, is a joint initiative of UN-Habitat and Creative Industries Fund NL.


Healthy urban development

The urban extension addresses the issues of explosive unplanned urban sprawl in the Accra region, the need to accommodate flooding during peak rainfall, and the necessity to provide housing for all in Accra. To implement the plan, Ningo-Prampram, with the support of UN-Habitat is pioneering a new type of urban planning. The team has proposed a framework for the growth of a naturally evolving city. A blue-green framework, consisting of food production and a water retention zone linked to swales and small rivers is an important part of the plans. Within these zones different types of urban farming are located, each related to the local context.


Implementation of the plan

The approval of the concept is a major step following an extensive stakeholder’s process carried out at the local, regional and national level and the resolution by the General Assembly of Ningo-Prampram to adopt the concept and vision as a key development agenda for the district. In addition, the General Assembly gave the approval to establish an implementing committee.