Nicosia Cuprus


The New Cyprus Museum (NCM) is designed as a cultural campus integrating seamlessly the various buildings which host the museum’s program. On the urban scale, the NCM aims to become a new green node in the city centre which connects the bustling activity around the area of the Venetian walls with the revitalization scheme of the Pedieos River.



The green strategy builds upon the river landscape, reinforcing the existing corridor as a significant ecological, cultural and recreational asset, while improving connectivity to the adjacent habitats. Aiming to maximize the available park space, the landscape within the New Cyprus Museum becomes a link connecting the riverside green to the park north of the museum side and further to the moat around the old city.



The Museum Park is organized in various zones, responding to the context, which culminate in an almond tree orchard at the centre of the site, creating a focal point for the museum. The almond trees aspire to restore the bond between the traditional activity of agriculture and the people, while promoting social interaction. Between the orchard and the riverside, the landscape is populated by colourful local Cypriot herbs, bringing the cultural practice of using plants in medicine into the urban atmosphere. Celebrating the distinct Mediterranean landscape, the selected species respond to the climate needs of the area, minimizing requirements for watering and improving the micro-climate.