Quality Improvement Old Woensel

Oud Woensel and the housing foundation ‘home working together’ wanted to improve the quality of the Vredesplein in Eindhoven. The work consists of demolition, rebuilding of homes and improving the quality of public space. The framework for development was set out in the master plan Oude Woensel and the urban vision from DAT Architects. OKRA Landscape Architects designed the master plan for the public space which was later developed to detailed design.


Living in the Park

The new urban plan contains a transformation of the stoney residential area into a neighbourhood of ‘living in the park’. The design has a high density of 450 homes with focus upon clever parking solutions. The result is that many of the houses have direct access to the public space with no cars parked or driving in the space. An optimal synergy between architecture and public space.


Old and New Residents Determine the Contents

A comprehensive participatory process was carried out during the development of the plan. Current and future residents determined the content of the public space with OKRA. The public space is filled green from wall to wall. Walkways cut through the green and form logical routes through the park, making the connections to the surroundings. A sophisticated planting plan means that each ‘finger’ of the park has its own identity.