Park Oosterspoorbaan in Utrecht is nearing completion

The new Park Oosterspoorbaan, designed by OKRA, is Utrecht’s unofficial High Line. The park has been built on a disused railway line. The last part of the park will be constructed in the spring of 2020. This will connect the bicycle and walking path to the Maliesingel.

Park Oosterspoorbaan was officially opened in January 2017. Cyclists now have plenty of space on the cycle route that forms a direct link between the Utrecht city centre and the outlying area with the Rhijnauwen and Amelisweerd estates. The new park forms the link between two major city parks, the Singelpark and the Krommerijnpark.

The railway past is still visible in the new park. The preservation of the monumental railway portals and the planting of columned aisles ensures that the old railway remains visible. Old railway tracks have been used in the footpaths and accommodations. The construction of the last part of the park will start on 6 January 2020.

OKRA is working on improving the spatial quality at various locations in Utrecht. The agency previously made the design for the new Jaarbeursplein and is currently working on the landscape plan for the new Merwedekanaal zone. And the Catharijnesingel will be completed on 12 September 2020. OKRA made the design for the adjoining park in the style of Zocher.