OKRA’s proposal for the international competition for the renewal of Budapest’s Nyugati station area.

It was a pleasure for OKRA landschapsarchitecten to participate in the International Competition for the renewal of Budapest’s Nyugati Station area and adjacent transit-oriented public realm.

In line with Budapest’s green vision, our proposal offered an example of how railways’ brownfields can be redeveloped and become part of the city’s ecological network. At the same time, we provided OKRA’s view on how public space can be effectively reorganized around transit-oriented area’s, to ensure comfort and fluency of pedestrian movements.

On the larger scale, our masterplan integrated the needs for different types of programs and the desire for a qualitative and inclusive network of public spaces, addressing both locals and visitors. The masterplan derived its main guidelines from the context, reacting to the districts’ density and volumetric composition and to the surrounding green framework.

A new linear park, celebrating the railway heritage, was proposed along the tracks, with the aim to mitigate the infrastructural barriers via multiple elevated slow-mobility connections.

In collaboration with Hawkins Brown, Plant, Atelier Peter Kis, AKT II, Atelier Ten and Momentum Transport Consultancy.