OKRA to develop vision on the coast of the Gooi region

OKRA has been commissioned by the municipality of Gooise Meren to create a vision for the entire coastal region of Gooise Meren, from Diemen to the Stichtse Bridge, in cooperation with the Identity Matching Academy.

The municipality of Gooise Meren is located in the Gooi- en Vechtstreek region and has a surface area of more than 73 square kilometres, almost half of which is made up of water. Existing qualities and opportunities in the field of (water) recreation and tourism will be utilised in the vision, aimed at strengthening and developing the unique combination of water, nature and cultural heritage. OKRA has lots of experience with similar coastal projects in, among other places, the municipality of Huizen, Katwijk coastal zone, Cadzand-Bad and IJmuiden aan Zee. The vision for the Gooise Meren coastal area, including the harbours, should provide direction for the coming 20 years.