OKRA makes preliminary design for the Rijnhaven Park in Rotterdam

Together with MVVA, OKRA and Taut NL make a preliminary design for the Rijnhaven Park in Rotterdam. The new green park in Rotterdam’s imposing modern city centre will be ideal for walking and relaxing on the city beach or sports in the park.

The choice to tender with two Dutch partners contributed to the fact that the municipality of Rotterdam awarded the contract to MVVA. Both OKRA and TAUW are well known in the region and with the municipality of Rotterdam. The New Rijnhaven Park is part of the Master Plan for the Rijnhaven of the municipality of Rotterdam, which has been created in collaboration with Barcode Architects, BGSV and Robert de Koning landscape architect.

OKRA helps MVVA with the preliminary design and advises on Dutch legislation and local policy. In this way, the design gets the desired international character and meets the demands of the city of Rotterdam. Tauw NL assesses the technical feasibility of the preliminary design during the process. They are doing this based on existing studies, expert judgement and area knowledge of the inland ports of Rotterdam.

Quality Impulse Rotterdam
OKRA has been working for years on the quality impulse for the city of Rotterdam. In 2009, OKRA made a vision for the city centre of Rotterdam. Realised projects are the redevelopment of the Afrikaanderplein, the Binnenrotte and the Westerkade.