OKRA expands management team to further its international course

Steffen Nijhuis and Melle van Dijk have joined the management team of OKRA landscape architects. A nine-member team now leads the Utrecht-based firm. With the appointment of Nijhuis and Van Dijk as associates, the agency further pursues its international course.

OKRA attaches great value to the link between design practice and research and finds in Dr Steffen Nijhuis an internationally experienced scientist, designer, project leader and author of award-winning publications. Nijhuis has extensive expertise in landscape-based regional design, sustainable urban development in coastal areas and deltas, designing with natural processes and (historic) landscapes and gardens. He is also research director of the Department of Urbanism at the Delft University of Technology, where he is affiliated with the Landscape Architecture Section. Nijhuis is involved in major projects in China, America and the Netherlands that focus on spatial research and design, landscape strategy and intervention, and social and ecological inclusiveness. Through the collaboration with Steffen Nijhuis, OKRA is even better able to establish the relationship between state-of-the-art scientific insights, education and groundbreaking practical applications.

Melle van Dijk has been working at OKRA for two years. He leads various vision-shaping and implementation-oriented projects. He is also engaged in the exchange and development of expertise in the agency. Before joining OKRA, Melle van Dijk was an associate at Ramboll Studio Dreiseitl in Singapore where he was responsible for leading projects such as the 67 ha Rifle Range Nature Park, Jurong Lake Gardens West – Singapore’s third National Garden – and various projects in the field of green-blue infrastructure with a strong focus on climate-adaptive design.

OKRA is pleased with this expansion of the management team. The agency further develops its international course and specializes in themes such as healthy cities, nature-based solutions and coastal urban landscapes.

Photo (left to right), back row: Rani Izhar, Wim Voogt, Pierre-Alexandre Marchevet, Melle van Dijk; front row: Tom Wierts, Nefeli Kalantzi, Martin Knuijt, Giuliana Sibilia, and Steffen Nijhuis.

Photo: Joost Bataille.