Yinyin Liu MSc

senior designer, landscape architect

Yinyin Liu is a senior landscape architect and urban planner who has been working at OKRA since 2018. Specialising in urban planning, ecological and water landscape design at different scales, she incorporates Eastern and Western philosophy, cultures and ecological knowledge in her work.

Yinyin gained experience in several different types of design firms in both the Netherlands and China. Her representative projects include the renovation of the Green tower in Bajes Kwartier Amsterdam (2018); Vision 2040 for the Water and Biodiversity for the Hart van Holland (2017) and the coastal city of Semarang in Indonesia (2017-2018). Her representative project in China is a 100-hectare Wetland Park Restoration project in Yuxi, Yunnan Province, as a pilot project for the Sponge City (2017), in which she worked as a key designer with local water engineers. This project is currently under construction.

In the 2016 International Horticultural Expo (Tangshan), she worked for the design and project manager of the International Park, which won the Jury Golden Award. Her profound understanding of Asian culture and society, landscapes and cities as a whole and dynamic system provide good knowledge grafting for the east and the west.┬áIn 2012, she obtained a Master’s degree from Wageningen University & Research and received an honorary thesis of research and design in ecological aesthetics of water (National Best Master Thesis of the Year Award, International Institute of Asian Studies, Leiden), Top3, and WUR’s 2012 Best Master Study).