Wim Voogt

Partner | Landscape Designer

Wim Voogt has been working at OKRA since 1998 and is partner since 2010. He specialises in restructuring assignments and innovative living environments. He leads the OKRA design team and has a coordinating and inspiring role in numerous projects. From the first contact to the final delivery, he makes an energetic commitment to a joint approach with all parties involved. With his sharp analytical skills, he quickly understands the individual qualities within the team and specific opportunities and constraints of the project. Wim oversees process and content to ensure a successful project from conceptualisation to realisation. At OKRA he strives for the combination of a learning and inspiring atmosphere that facilitates individualisation and fosters collaboration to create beautiful places.

Wim Voogt is also a member of the quality team of the Duivenvoorde corridor and a member of the examination committee of the Academy of Architecture in Amsterdam. In 2019 he was appointed urban development supervisor of the station area for the municipality of Hilversum. He studied garden and landscape design at the Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences.