Valentina Amaya Marin MSc

urban designer and planner

As a regional and urban planner, Valentina (1987) has focused her career on the concept of climate adaptation and landscape (water) urbanism. She has completed two Masters programs at KU LEUVEN in Belgium, related to urban planning and design; Master of Science in Urbanism and Strategic Planning (MaUSP) and Master of Science in Human Settlements (MaHS). She is fascinated by the large-scale projects where she uses research and innovation tools as one of the most important strategies to improve the quality of life, always thinking about environmental and social issues in a given area.

In her professional career, Valentina has been involved in international projects in Colombia, Panama, Belgium, the United States, Vietnam, the Netherlands and Nepal. Her international experience also includes working at UN-HABITAT (the United Nations Human Settlements Program) in New York. She was part of several UN humanitarian missions, including a reconstruction plan for Kathmandu in Nepal, following the 2015 earthquake.