Tapasya Mukkamala

Landscape Designer

Tapasya is a landscape-urban designer with a Master of Science degree in landscape architecture from TU Delft and a bachelor’s in Architecture from the Gandhi Institute of Technology and Management. Curiosity about cities and their complex interfaces led her to work as an urban designer in Bangalore, India. She contributed to several projects ranging from strategic planning to public space design across geographic contexts during her tenure. To explore beyond the human-centric approach towards envisioning cities, she moved to the Netherlands to pursue education in landscape architecture. Her graduation project focused on integrating and applying community-based landscape design concepts to water management frameworks within the flood vulnerable kampung communities of the Ciliwung river delta in Indonesia. She has presented her work at several international conferences, published articles in magazines, participated in workshops, and is often on a quest for new challenges and knowledge.

She believes that landscape design strategies can enable a symbiotic relationship between the urban and natural systems, thereby creating resilient and adaptive living environments. Tapasya is keen on exploring a designer’s role in a multidisciplinary setup and developing strategies that support the local spatial, cultural and natural contexts. Through the knowledge she gained from her previous experiences as an Urban-Landscape designer in India and the Netherlands, she hopes to contribute to developing high-quality spatial designs and strategies that answer the current global challenges across scales.