Rapa Surajaras

Landscape Designer

Rapa Surajaras joined OKRA in 2021. She is passionate about exploring the dynamic of landscape design in relation to time and their resilience to keep up with the global challenges. She believes that a holistic process through research and design will create a more tangible and effective result. Through the integrated process, her design approach aims for adaptability and improvement in qualities of living for people, cities, and the environment.

Rapa holds a Master of Science in Landscape Architecture from the Delft University of Technology. Her graduation project was awarded both the best graduation award 2019 from KuiperCompagnons Graduation Award 2019 and second prize of Youth Projects 2020 from IFLA Europe. With her previous experience working in an urbanism firm in the Netherlands and as a landscape architect in Thailand, she developed a profound understanding of both ends of the design spectrum, from large-scale planning to meticulous details.